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No other auction provider in the UK & Ireland offers such a complete and comprehensive range of property auction services for estate agents to offer to their buyers and sellers. Together, we hold both live and online auction events nationwide, working in partnership with over 1100 estate agent branches, providing local knowledge and expertise.


The Traditional Method of Auction

This is a tried and tested method associated mainly with selling and buying investment stock due to more restrictive timeframes to exchange contracts and complete the sale. This limits buyers and the interest and activity around residential properties.


The Modern Method of Auction

This more accessible route, creates a transparent platform for buyers and sellers combining the best aspects of traditional auction and private treaty sales. We offer more realistic yet fixed timescales, opening up the market place for buyers and sellers looking to arrange mortgages as their method of payment. The exchange of contracts has 28 days to take place from the solicitors receipt of draft contracts, whereas with traditional auctions, the exchange of contracts will usually take place as soon as the buyer has won the bid.

The Modern Method of Auction opens the auction market (once reserved for the professional investor or cash-ready buyer) up to residential buyers, creating a larger market place and more interest and activity than traditional auction. It is the preferred route for buying and selling via auction and has changed the perception of auction in the last decade. 

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Local Properties

Starting Bid and Reserve Price

*Please note this property is subject to an undisclosed reserve price which is generally no more than 10% in excess of the starting bid, both the starting bid and reserve price can be subject to change. Terms and conditions apply to the auction, which is powered by IAM Sold.

This simple way to buy a house is a breath of fresh air. We could not recommend highly enough. 56 days start to finish!


Vanquish Real Estate Investment & Management is looks at the Real Estate market from a different point of view. We are here to serve the client and work for his best interest. Vanquish REIM is based on 4 principles:

1. We Work For You

Estate agents work for their clients and their aim is to achieve the highest price possible from you. However we work for you; protecting your interests, guiding you and getting you the best deal possible by challenging the estate agents.

2. One-Stop Shop

Our service is geared towards saving you valuable time and money. We cover everything including property search, viewings, negotiations and all the necessary liaising between mortgage brokers and lawyers. We can also secure property rental and management on your behalf.

3. We Share Our Experience

We use proven strategies to save you money, and to protect you from potential risks. Investment potential is a major focus and you’ll find our ability to forecast future value for money highly advantageous. Whether your purchase is a commercial venture or you are seeking your ideal home, you can rely on our knowledgeable recommendations in both location and property type.

4. Assist In Settling In

Our service is all about bringing value and we continue to be there for you after purchase, assisting with anything you need to ensure you are happy and comfortable in your new home.